An Overview Of Dry Type Electrical Transformers And Their Benefits

A dry-type transformer is an electrical device used to transfer electrical energy from one circuit to another through electromagnetic induction. Unlike the older variants which are usually immersed in an insulating liquid, this transformer is dry which makes it safer and environment friendly too. The most common variants are air-cooled transformers and air-insulated transformers. The air-cooled model uses air to dissipate the heat generated during operation while the air-insulated model uses air as the primary insulation material. Both are used in commercial and industrial settings as well as in open and closed spaces.

Since this particular type of transformer does not have oil as a cooling agent, it has a lesser chance of catching fire. Additionally, there is no issue of leakage which can pollute the surrounding environment. Some of the advantages of using this device are listed below.

  • Safety for people and property
  • Minimal to zero impact on the environment
  • Easy maintenance
  • Good overload handling capacity
  • Resistant to short circuits
  • Low thermal and dielectric heating
  • Suitable for both indoor and outdoor settings
  • High mechanical strength

Dry-type electrical transformers are most suited for the following settings.

  • Environmentally sensitive regions
  • Fire hazard area
  • City substations
  • Renewable power generation units
  • Residential and commercial spaces
  • Indoor and underground substations

With more emphasis being given to efficiency and eco-friendly transformers, companies such as Elmag Transformers have been leading the industry with a wide range of performance-driven transformers that also adheres to strict environmental norms. Incorporated in 2007, we have established our brand through hard work, technological innovations, and impeccable customer engagement. Additionally, we have been improving our efficiencies and taking up sustainable means to develop our products and services since day 1. Our uncompromising stand on these matters has also earned us rave reviews and repeat business from major corporations in India over the years.

As a company that adheres to ISO 9001:2015 norms and other engineering standards such as IS 1180 and iEC, we prioritise our quality, performance, and reliability over everything else. Our years of experience and insight into the business were not gained merely by spending time in the domain but by exploring all the possibilities that can be achieved and working towards it in small but sure steps.

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An Overview Of Dry Type Electrical Transformers And Their Benefits
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