Solar / Inverter Duty Transformers

These are called inverter duty transformers as inverter output is given to the transformer to step up the voltage. Inverter converts direct current to alternating current at a lower voltage and then the transformer steps up this voltage to a higher value that is to the electrical equipments usage level or distribution level like 11 KV or 33 KV

We specifically design inverter duty transformer for Wind and Solar Energy Applications and provide them with multiple windings on the primary side of the transformer which enhances their performance by enabling them to connect multiple inverters to the grid. We also provide Earth Shield between the HV and LV windings whose purpose is to reduce harmonic and path to ground residual resonance.

Description : Invertor duty transformers, also known as electronic transformers, are commonly used for small power conversion. They are used to get desired voltage levels when the output voltage is low but the desired voltage is high.

Technical Parameters

Rating Upto 12.5 MVA
Primary Voltage 11 KV, 22 KV & 33 KV
Secondary voltage as per Inverter Output / Customer requirement
Vector group As per customer requirement
No. of phase 03 Phase
Cooling ONAN , ONAF
Winding Material Copper wound
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