Furnace Transformers

Furnace Transformers are designed to withstand repeated high mechanical and thermal stresses resulting from electric arc in furnace. The furnace transformer supplying power to Electric Arc Furnace has to handle extremely high currents in the order of kilo-Amps depending upon furnace ratings

Furnace Transformers can be manufactured upto 12.5 MVA as per IS 2026 Standards.

These Transformers are mostly used in Rolling plants, Steel Plants, Non ferrous metal Industries.

Description : Furnace transformers are used to step down from voltages between 11 and 33 kV to levels of several hundred volts only. This results in massive secondary currents. As an example a 30 MVA unit at 150 V would result in a secondary current of 115 kilo Ampere.

Technical Parameters

Rating Upto 12.5 MVA
Primary Voltage 33 KV
Secondary voltage Can be customized as per customer requirement
No. of phase 03 Phase
Cooling OFWF
Applicable Standard IS 2026 Standard
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