For the most dependable and performance-driven distribution transformer manufacturers in Hyderabad, head straight to ELMAG Transformers. Backed by a history of over 15 years, we have worked relentlessly to surpass industry norms in terms of durability, performance, and dependability. Power, distribution, furnace, and inverter duty transformers are just a few of the premium transformers that we specialise in. Every unit is meticulously crafted, paying close attention to detail and market developments along with our client's unique requirements.


Over time, Hyderabad has experienced a significant growth in demand for high-performing distribution transformer manufacturers due to heightened industrialisation and modernisation. Power distribution and generation, as we all know, are the basis of all modern infrastructure and technology. Our team of engineers, technicians, and other industry specialists works tirelessly to stay abreast of market trends and provide the most recent developments in the business, all while keeping this in mind.


Given our clientele and the areas we service, we go above and above as a top 10 Transformer Manufacturers In India to uphold the highest levels of quality and customer-centricity. Top-of-the-line equipment powers our production facilities, which are manned by a team of motivated and experienced industry experts who make sure all pertinent procedures and production guidelines are followed precisely from beginning to end. International and national standards including ISO 9001:2015, IS 1180, and iEC quality requirements are all met by our production system. Our network of distributors ensures prompt deliveries and any additional help needed to ensure a simple seamless experience.

Some of its common specifications are listed below:

  • Rating : Above 50 KVA to 2.5 MVA
  • Frequency : 50 Hz
  • Primary Voltage : 6.6 KV, 11 KV, 33 KV
  • Winding : Copper wound
  • Cooling : ONAN
  • Insulating Medium: Mineral oil
  • Tap Range: Off circuit or on load tap changer

As a top distribution transformer distribution transformer manufacturer in Hyderabad, we go above and beyond to maintain the highest standards of quality. Our production facilities are equipped with state-of-the-art machinery, and our team of highly skilled and driven industry professionals ensure that all relevant protocols and production requirements are adhered to from start to finish. Our production system satisfies all national and international standards, including ISO 9001:2015, IS 1180, and iEC quality requirements. Our network of distributors guarantees on-time delivery and any extra assistance required to guarantee a straightforward, flawless experience.

You will never have to go elsewhere with the most reliable distribution transformers manufacturers in Hyderabad at the helm of things.

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