Introducing Elmag Transformers, a market-leading distribution transformer manufacturer in India. Founded by a team of visionaries in 2007, our mission is to reimagine the power landscape by putting priority on product excellence and customer service in all facets of our endeavours, supported by a history of innovation and project successes.


Over the last three decades, India has experienced significant growth in demand for high-performing transformers due to its increasing industrialization and modernization. Distribution transformers, as we all know, are the basis of all contemporary infrastructure and technology. Our team of engineers, technicians, and other industry specialists works ceaselessly to stay on top of market trends and provide the most recent developments in the market. Power transformers, distribution transformers, furnace transformers, and inverter duty transformers are among the products that we offer to our clients.


As a renowned distribution transformer company, the foundation of our success is built on our pursuit of excellence in all our undertakings. We have built a team of engineers, technicians, and other industry professionals not only based on their resumes’ but also their vision and drive. Each member of the team forms part of a single cohesive unit that drives efficiency and consistency throughout the production process. These members are constantly driving innovation and challenging established norms from time to time. As a top-tier distribution transformer supplier, we take it upon ourselves to ensure we are not merely meeting market demands but also finding new avenues to explore and capitalise.

Your search for the most reputable transformer manufacturer in India ends with Elmag Transformers.

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