A Guide To Understanding Furnace Transformers: What You Need To Know

Furnace transformers are used to step down the high voltage supply from the power grid to a lower voltage that can be safely used to power the various components of a furnace. It is particularly suited for furnace steel mills, induction furnaces for melting metals, and glass furnaces. They work by using the principle of electromagnetic induction to transfer energy from one coil to another without a direct electrical connection and are rated by their capacity in volt-amperes. They can also provide isolation between the high-voltage supply and the furnace which is crucial for safety and prevent electrical interference with other equipment on the premises. To ensure the safe and efficient operation of the furnace, it's important to have a licensed electrician check the transformer regularly and use the correct wire size, ampacity, and connections. Some important points we need to keep in mind while understanding the overall functioning of furnace transformers are:

  • Voltage: This is a measure of the electrical potential difference between two points. The voltage from the primary side is usually higher than the voltage on the secondary side. Make sure the furnace transformer can convert that difference effectively.
  • Working principle: While the overall working principle is the same for all transformers, their certain variances in the devices based on their applications. Make sure to ensure we match the transformers accordingly.
  • Rating: Furnace transformers come in various capacities measured in Volt-Ampere. Its capacity must be at least as large as the total power used by the furnace.
  • Wiring: The wiring needs to be of the correct build and size with the correct amp rating to ensure efficient functioning, and minimise overheating, and any other potential hazards.

With rapid expansion in the manufacturing industry, the demand for steel and other metal products has also increased significantly over the years. India is one of the leading producers of steel with a big domestic and international customer base. Quite naturally, demand for other associated products and services that help in the operation of our factories has also risen proportionately over the years.

Elmag Transformers has been leading the industry for over fifteen years offering a wide range of transformer products for specific industries such as steel, oil and gas, mining, automobile, etc. These companies consume a huge amount of energy which needs to be managed effectively to ensure these production centres are operational and maintain the highest levels of safety. In addition to building a solid team of engineers and other experienced personnel to take up any kind of task, we also focus our effort on improving our efficiencies to the highest possible levels. Keeping this in mind, we conform to various international quality norms including ISO 9001: 2015. We also adhere to the engineering standards of IS 1180 and iEC; this allows our products to compete with international brands and earn the confidence of our customers. Our goal is simple; expand our skills, deliver quality service, and continuously challenge the status quo so we can set a course for the industry towards a better future.

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A Guide To Understanding Furnace Transformers: What You Need To Know
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