There are numerous power transformer manufacturers in India catering to the varied needs of its clients both in India and abroad. Each company specialises in certain aspects of transformer production that are suited to the needs of its customers. Elmag Transformers is one such company that has made a mark for itself over the years by driving innovation while ensuring reliability and efficiency in all services and offerings. We boast of a rich history of 15-plus years in the production of generator current transformers and other products ranging from conventional oil-filled transformers to dry-type, and hybrid versions. This also includes 110v to 220v converters and 225 KVA transformers among other variants.


The foundation of our success lies in our team comprising seasoned professionals with extensive experience in transformer production processes and associated tasks. Our production facilities are equipped with state-of-the-art equipment and well-managed spaces where our team of experts work tirelessly to deliver world-class transformers. Strict compliance with quality norms is not just a business imperative but an integral part of our work ethos. We invest heavily in R&D initiatives – we have a dedicated team that monitors our production processes, identifies challenges, and devises means to improve efficiency over time. As a company compliant with ISO 9001:2015 standards, we attest to the highest technical standards, including iEC Standards and IS 1180. This has also elevated our standing as a top-ranking power transformer manufacturer in India for years in a row.


Here at Elmag Transformers, we play an increasingly important role in building a sustainable future while contending with the varied energy needs of industries across the country. Our ability to understand challenges and deliver dependable challenges to drive challenges across communities and businesses. Partner with the most prolific power transformer manufacturer in India today and explore a world of possibilities!

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