What are the uses of power Transformers?

The power transformer is used to transmit the electrical energy from one circuit to another based on the electromagnetic induction principle. They are often termed static devices since there are no rotating components present in the power transformers.

They are mainly used to step up and down the voltage levels and distribute the electric energy across the electric power systems.

Power transformers are employed in various sectors for their varied applications and uses. A few of the major uses of the power transformers are listed below-

Transmission and distribution - The power transformers are used to increase and decrease the voltage levels to ensure that the required amount of voltage is transmitted and distributed across the electric devices

Reduced power loss - The power loss is directly proportional to the current based on the formula P=I2R.From this equation, we can understand that, when the current that is passed or flowing in a conductor is decreased or increased then the power loss will also change as per the increment and decrement of the current. For example, if the electric current flowing in a conductor is very low, then there will be a lower reduction of power.

Galvanic Isolation - The power transformers provide the isolation between the electric circuits; this isolation prevents the direct transmission of current between varied electric circuits that have different voltage levels. As a result, it reduces the risks of electric shocks, short circuits, and damages.

Impedance matching - The power transformers can modify the voltage and the current values in such a way that the source (from where the current is passed) and the load impedance (where the current is distributed to other electronic devices)will remain equal. This impedance matching eventually aids in the maximum power transfer between the circuits.

Audio and lighting systems - The power transformers are used in the lighting systems because these lighting systems require varied voltage levels to function properly, which the power transforms do so efficiently. On the other hand, they provide specific voltage levels as per the requirements of the different audio systems and ensure the proper functioning of audio systems by preventing damage.

Apart from the above-mentioned uses, the power supplies are also used for other purposes depending upon their characteristics, types, and functioning mechanisms. The uses of the power transformers are enormous but scouring the perfect power supply depends on the specific needs or requirements. They are majorly employed across the various sectors for transmitting and distributing electricity from one circuit to another without any hindrances.

What Are Power Transformers?
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