Get the best performance and reliability from the most reputable solar inverter transformer supplier and manufacturer without weighing down on your finances and existing capabilities. Introducing ELMAG Transformers, your trusted source of solar inverter duty transformers and other products such as power transformers, distribution transformers, furnace transformers, inverter duty transformers, etc. Founded by a team of technocrats and visionaries, we have set out on a mission not just to dominate the market but re-envision the industry as a whole, prioritising product innovation, process optimisation, and customer success.


The demand for solar inverter duty transformers around the nation has significantly increased recently due to rising environmental awareness among customers from various walks of life. These solar plants mostly power residential flats, business spaces, and smaller factories. At ELMAG Transformers, we've made it our mission to create power solutions that open doors for innovation and quality across all of our product offerings, in addition to meeting the market's increasing demand for high-performing solar inverter duty transformers.

Listed below are some of its common specifications:

  • Primary Voltage - 11KV, 22KV, 33KV
  • Winding Material - Copper wound
  • Cooling - ONAN, ONAF
  • Rating - Upto 12.5 MVA
  • Secondary Voltage - As per inverter output or customer requirement
  • Vector Group - Based on customer specification


Quality compliance is an essential part of all we do, not just a catchphrase. Our staff consists of extremely knowledgeable and experienced technicians, engineers, and other professionals who go above and beyond to make sure have an edge by satisfying our customers' precise requirements and adhering to applicable industry standards. To increase our market reach, we adhere to both national and international standards, such as ISO 9001:2015, IS 1180, and iEC quality criteria. Additionally, we have been able to win over several significant businesses, including Spansules, NCC Urban, Resolute, Resins and Allied Products, RSPL, MSN, etc. Source your orders from the most renowned solar inverter transformer supplier and manufacturer in the market and witness your productivity increase multiple folds in a short span.

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